Types Of Containers You Can Rent

When renting a container the first and most important thing you need to do is to tell us for what purpose you want to use the container. With that information, we can then determine the type of container that is perfect for your needs. There are many different types of containers available for renting. Here is a small list we made for you where we explain what is the purpose of each container type.

Hopefully that way you will have a better understanding how each container has a different purpose.

Construction Containers

Every construction company needs containers on construction sites for many different purposes. These large containers are providing a large number of functions to a construction company without hurting the budget. Construction containers can be divided into two larger types depending on their use.

Contraction Containers

Site Offices – Renting a site office is ideal for people that need to be on the construction site. They are equipped with some basic equipment like toilets with waste tanks, water tanks and more. You can choose from many different sizes. These containers usually come in a range from 10ft to 32ft in length.

Material and Tool Storage- Nowadays having a storage where builders can store all their equipment is a must. That is because the number of thefts on construction sites has been increasing over the years. Leaving tools and materials on the construction site over the night unprotected is a huge problem these days. It can be solved by simply renting a container where you can store all the tools and materials and lock up for the night.

Living Containers

Living ContainersAll over the world in the past few years converting shipping containers into living areas has been proven to be a very inexpensive way to live. People usually do this for only short periods of time until they find a better solution. Living in a steel box can be a hard thing for some people to adjust. In some countries, shipping containers proved to be a good choice for young adults that are struggling to pay high rents for apartments.

Shipping Containers

These types of containers are the ones that get converted into all other types such as the living containers and site offices. There are a lot of different types of shipping containers the most common one is the Dry Storage container. For some other special purposes there are Refrigerated containers that can control the low temperature inside also there are some thermal or insulated containers that are designed to maintain high temperatures. These types are best for transporting products for longer distances to save them from going bad.