For any large local event in Chicago, we are more than happy to provide our Dumpster Rental Services. This year in from Thursday, August 3 to Sunday, August 6, 2017, the famous Lollapalooza Festival will be held at the Grant Park Chicago. The festival will last for 3 whole days and because of that. People that go there to party need a place to sleep over the night. Some of the people choose to sleep in tents over those three days of the festival. But that is not the smartest idea.

event dumpster

Sleeping in tents can be bad if rain starts to pour. Everything will be muddy and you don’t want to sleep on the ground when it is wet and cold. To people that choose not to sleep in tents on the cold ground we have to offer some cozy living containers. These living containers are specially designed for events just like the Lollapalooza festival. They are equipped with the basic equipment for living. They are made to provide a living condition for a short period of time.

Living Containers are your Best Choice

On events like this Lollapalooza festival where people need a place to sleep. Having a living container is the best option. Especially for people that came here from different cities or countries and don’t have a place where to crash after a night of non-stop partying. For people like that, we have to offer some rental living containers at very affordable prices. Why is a living container a better option from a tent you might ask. Well there is a lot of different factors that are making living containers the better option.


For example one of the most obvious factors is the comfort that living containers provide. When sleeping in a tent, you have zero comfort. You will be sleeping on the ground, only a small layer of tent fabric is between you and the hard ground. More importantly, there is no source of heat that can keep your body warm through the cold nights. However, if you choose to rent living container from us you will eliminate all those factors. When renting a living container you have the options to choose what equipment you want us to install inside of it. We can even divide the containers in half by installing separation walls so you can share it with some friend and have some privacy the same time.


The containers come with some pre-installed equipment such as sanitary equipment. We can adjust containers to your needs by adding the equipment that you want. You can choose from many different sizes depending on how many people will be using the container. The best thing we can provide is a ventilation. Air-condition or a heating system that can be extremely helpful when the weather conditions are bad. Our company, other than just living containers we also provide dumpsters to store waste materials and trash that is accumulated throughout the event.